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For over 3 years as a fully qualified practitioner Jennie has had the pleasure of being able to offer a range of complementary therapies for the promotion of well-being: NLP, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Havening and Hypnotherapy.

These therapies are successful in treating conditions such as: Phobias, Stress, Anxiety, Panic, OCD, Addictions, Grief, Fear of Public Speaking, Anger, Rage, Physical pains and difficulties, Jet Lag and much more.

They are none invasive, drug free and often require only one or two treatment sessions, allowing you to live a happier, healthier and more stress free life.

What is Havening?

Haven(ing) is as the name implies –‘to take you to a safe place, a haven’. It is a relatively new therapy in Britain but has been under development in America for the past 13 or so years with amazing results. It is heavily scientifically based. It is a Psychosensory therapy, based around the healing power of touch; a wonderfully soothing, calming and relaxing therapy that is non-intrusive, drug free and works quickly and effectively.

By gently stroking the upper arms, above and below the eyes and the palms of the hands, Havening can in the vast majority of cases permanently eradicate complaints. It is able to remove traumatic and emotional memory by stimulating Delta Waves in the body through touch and then transmitting these electrochemical messages to the Amygdala (the area of the brain that deals with the memory of trauma) and thus depotentiating (eradicating) the traumatic emotional memory. It is not the traumatic incident itself that traumatises and destabilises us, but the emotional value that we attach to it.

To read more on Havening and to view my Practitioner status visit:

What is Thought Field Therapy (TFT)?

Thought Field Therapy is a rapid treatment designed to improve health, well-being and performance. Through tapping the body’s energy meridians TFT is capable of eliminating totally, in a high percentage of cases, all traces of psychological distress and blocks.

It can do no damage psychologically, physically or biochemically and cannot alter core beliefs. All you need to be able to do is to think and be capable of tuning into your own particular difficulties (hence ‘Thought Field’ Therapy) and TFT will help to eliminate the cause of your negative emotional state and thoughts. It is not the memory of a difficulty that is problematic; it is the negative thoughts that are attached to the memory that create a chain of biochemical and psychological changes of events and feelings. Therefore, every time you focus on your difficulty you suffer and become unwell and not able to function or perform as well as you should or could.

In TFT when you tap into the body’s energy system, you put energy into it and this eliminates negative thoughts, changes the body’s chemical make-up and as a result you feel better. TFT provides a code for eliminating emotional distress at its root cause.

Come And Help Your ‘Self’

A ‘not to be missed’ two evening course on how, through using several complementary therapies and eastern practices at a basic level, you will have the knowledge and power to be able to enhance and maintain your own personal well-being.

If you were told that you your ‘self’ are capable of sorting out many of your life’s difficulties that affect both body and soul, would you believe it?

Well you should!

Through the power of your mind and basic methodologies, some of which have their roots and origins firmly placed in Eastern medical and cultural practices and their pursuits for peace and well-being, you can learn to help yourself maintain a constant level of energy and have the ability to fill yourself with more verve and enthusiasm for life than you may have experienced for a very long time. You could help to identify any food or product intolerances that you may have and then help to free yourself from them. Learn to relax through breathing techniques. Improve your memory using an entertaining game, and finally, as a very special treat to yourself come and discover how you may be able to save an incredible amount of money in the future and look every bit as amazing as the amount of money you will potentially be saving!

Curious? Well you should be! Come and join us for intelligent, interesting, fun and entertaining learning that could help you to help your ‘self’.

If you are interested in hosting the course at your home, or for an organisation or institution, please contact me for further details. The course requires approximately 10 people.

50 years ago, the doctor perforated my eardrum whilst syringing it for ear wax. I then ended up having an operation where a new eardrum was created for me from a skin graft. This was successful for a short while but then it burst again, leaving me in constant pain.

Jennie tapped me for my ear pain at the beginning of September 2012. Instantly my ear ache left me and I remained pain free for a couple of days afterward. Then one morning I woke up and it had returned, so I used the tapping sequence that Jennie had given me and it went.

Very occasionally after that I needed to use the tapping sequence, but the pain got less each time I did it and I have only had to use it once in the last two months when I was out in a very cold wind without a hat on. I suspect that I would have given myself an earache on this occasion whether I had had previous ear problems or not!

Now I don’t even think about my ear, my hearing has still gone but I experience no pain. It is difficult to describe how this makes you feel. To have discomfort for so long and then it goes. It is like a huge weight being taken away and leaves you feeling lighter, happier and psychologically much more content.

Sadly as time goes on you forget the amount of discomfort you were in but I do know that I don’t ever want to return to spending each day in huge discomfort and it affecting everything I do. Thank you Jennie sincerely for freeing me from that I am incredibly grateful.

Best Wishes,

Vera Clift

Dear Jennie,

Thank you for helping me to reduce my need and desire for a nightly over indulgence of wine. As you know, I have felt, for some time, my habitual use of alcohol was getting out of hand. I certainly didn’t feel in control and whilst not wanting to give it up completely, I was at a loss as to what to do about it.

I was open to the idea of using TFT, thinking that it certainly could not  do me any harm. The initial tapping exercises you gave me to do, the general maintenance if you like, certainly seemed to lift my mood. Within a day or so I was feeling more positive, quite upbeat really, it definitely put me in the right frame of mind to try using it to tackle my issues with alcohol.

I am delighted to report that I only used the tapping sequence you showed me once. That first evening, following our TFT session, on approaching the usual time I would have a glass of wine, I went through the sequence, more to familiarise myself with it rather than a desire for a glass of wine. That evening I just had water to drink, and the same the next evening and the next! For four evenings, I didn’t drink any wine because I really didn’t feel I wanted or needed any. On the fifth evening, I chose to have a drink. I had two glasses of wine and thoroughly enjoyed them!. However, I was just as able to return to abstaining on subsequent evenings.

Thank you Jennie (and TFT) for helping me to get control back. I am only three weeks into this new way of life but I feel a great weight has been lifted from me. I can now enjoy having an occasional drink. My  body, especially my liver is absolutely delighted and hopefully my waistline along with my wine consumption will now reduce too.


I initially approached Jennie regarding TFT as I had been suffering for some time with almost constant (stress related) headaches. Painkillers were not touching them and I was running out of ideas on how to manage them as they were beginning to affect my day to day wellbeing. That is when I had my first session with Jennie which lasted about 20minutes. The immediate effect of this treatment was a tremendous sense of calm and inner peace but beyond that, I have not suffered anymore headaches at the hands of stress. I have since visited Jennie again regarding a long standing phobia, which now no longer hinders my career aspirations. One thing I liked about the whole experience was how at ease I was made to feel and how relaxing it felt, this was helped by Jennie explaining what she was doing throughout the whole process. I would recommend Jennie to anyone who has any kind of negative emotion holding them back from achieving happiness in their life.

Lucy Lee

I had a shoulder issue for over five years, where I couldn’t raise my arm up without a lot of pain. I had seen many doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, who were all a little baffled by this shoulder problem. I had been recommended this treatment and it’s now changed my life, I am lifting, stretching and pushing up my arm again now, I am so grateful for everything Jennie has done for me. Thank you for giving me my normal life back.

Laura Edgerton

I initially saw Jennie as I was struggling to focus on a couple of exams that were coming up during my final year of a Nursing degree. We spoke a little about what was bothering me and worked through some of the concerns that I had.

Jennie then went through some of the TFT techniques with me and after one session (which didn’t take long) I felt much, much better about it. I was able to sleep more easily, I wasn’t getting so anxious and I felt as though I really believed in myself. Not to mention my focus on revision and learning the information improved.

I continued to use the simple techniques she had taught me every day up until each exam and it made me feel calmer and more focused. I wasn’t as nervous about the exams as I had been before and felt as if I was able to achieve the good grade that I needed.

I have just had my results and I actually passed with 100% in both exams! I am absolutely stunned and can only put this achievement down to Jennie and the work that we did together. I have another exam in a few weeks’ time and I am continuing to use the techniques she gave me every day with great results.

I was a little sceptical initially but was quite desperate for some help due to the anxiety and stress it was causing and I can definitely say that without this therapy I would have been quite lost (not to mention neurotic on the day!). I will be definitely using these techniques in the future and am already planning further sessions with Jennie on some other difficulties that I am experiencing.

If you are unsure about these techniques then I recommend you give them a try as they really are life changing, and I can’t thank Jennie enough!

Philippa Clarke

I am a serving police officer and have ambitions to be a sergeant. Firstly, in order to achieve this I have to take a written exam consisting of a 3hr multiple choice questions and then If successful a second part consisting of role plays.

Although I had revised for the exam I was feeling very nervous and anxious about taking part one and would lie awake at night worrying about it and thinking I would get a low mark. I would get a sick feeling when I thought about the exam day.

I went to see Jennie who put me at ease and we discussed exactly how I was feeling and what exactly was making me feel the way I did. After completion of the tapping, only one session all my negative thoughts disappeared right there and then. I had a different outlook toward the exam and self-belief I could pass. I went into the exam believing I could pass, which I did.

So, I went to see Jennie again. Once again we discussed why I was feeling the way I did. Negative thoughts of time management for the exam disappeared again and self-belief returned. Again I passed the exam.

I genuinely believe that the treatment erased my negative thoughts and helped me achieve self-belief and positivity towards my exams.


Since Jennie “Tapped” me for my fear of spiders, last September,I have had no reoccurrence of my panic/nausea when confronted by one of the beasts, in fact I mostly tend to be unaware of their existence as I am not scanning the floors/walls for them.

Recently, I had need to visit a customer’s cellar and was pre-warned that ” it’s ok there are no rats down there, but it is a haven for spiders!” While investigating the equipment I didn’t see any – when I emerged I realised that I hadn’t been looking.

Whilst spiders and I will never be bosom buddies, my life has been made seriously less traumatic due to our change in relationship.


I wasn’t expecting to be fully cured of all my anxieties straight away through the Havening process. However, two weeks on from the treatment and I have honestly found the results unbelievable. Things have started to feel a lot brighter, I almost feel as if I am seeing the world in a much more positive light. I am facing thoughts and situations with a completely different approach, which has made things a lot easier to deal with. I really would recommend this process to anyone and Jennie is a fantastic practitioner. Not only can these techniques help to calm you immediately, I do believe they begin to work within the subconscious further down the line as well, allowing you to take much more from this experience.

Thank you xx

Harriet Sanders

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