Examination Counselling

exam HELPFor over 25 years now Jennie has been preparing students for examinations and appreciates how stressful they can find this.

Often negative thinking and feelings only help to further embed students’ feelings of hopelessness. However, this doesn’t have to be the case and through a clear and positive approach of how to work towards exams and some counselling this difficulty can be unobtrusively, easily and safely dealt in a very short time.

Jennie has put together a programme on how to prepare for examinations: from getting the body and mind in shape and knowing when the optimum time for study and revision is, to making good revision plans and being able to put them into practice, while considering various stages of revision that will be dependent on the amount of study time available.

There is the opportunity for this programme of study to be delivered privately to individual or small groups of students or to school classes. 



Examination Therapy

exam girlOccasionally there are times for students when examination coaching is not enough and they have difficulties and mental blocks and often a genuine fear of examinations and the process they are expected to go through!

This is where Jennie’s Therapy work comes into its own. Through the gentle, non-invasive, drug free and fast use of highly successful complementary therapies, Jennie can help to instigate change and guide students forward towards their exam successes.

For information on any of the above, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

For more information on Havening, visit havening.org (certified practitioners)

I initially saw Jennie as I was struggling to focus on a couple of exams that were coming up during my final year of a Nursing degree. We spoke a little about what was bothering me and worked through some of the concerns that I had.

Jennie then went through some of the TFT techniques with me and after one session (which didn’t take long) I felt much, much better about it. I was able to sleep more easily, I wasn’t getting so anxious and I felt as though I really believed in myself. Not to mention my focus on revision and learning the information improved.

I continued to use the simple techniques she had taught me every day up until each exam and it made me feel calmer and more focused. I wasn’t as nervous about the exams as I had been before and felt as if I was able to achieve the good grade that I needed.

I have just had my results and I actually passed with 100% in both exams! I am absolutely stunned and can only put this achievement down to Jennie and the work that we did together. I have another exam in a few weeks’ time and I am continuing to use the techniques she gave me every day with great results.

I was a little sceptical initially but was quite desperate for some help due to the anxiety and stress it was causing and I can definitely say that without this therapy I would have been quite lost (not to mention neurotic on the day!). I will be definitely using these techniques in the future and am already planning further sessions with Jennie on some other difficulties that I am experiencing.

If you are unsure about these techniques then I recommend you give them a try as they really are life changing, and I can’t thank Jennie enough!

Phillipa Clarke

I am a serving police officer and have ambitions to be a sergeant. Firstly, in order to achieve this I have to take a written exam consisting of a 3hr multiple choice questions and then If successful a second part consisting of role plays.

Although I had revised for the exam I was feeling very nervous and anxious about taking part one and would lie awake at night worrying about it and thinking I would get a low mark. I would get a sick feeling when I thought about the exam day.

I went to see Jennie who put me at ease and we discussed exactly how I was feeling and what exactly was making me feel the way I did. After completion of the tapping, only one session all my negative thoughts disappeared right there and then. I had a different outlook toward the exam and self-belief I could pass. I went into the exam believing I could pass, which I did.

So, I went to see Jennie again. Once again we discussed why I was feeling the way I did. Negative thoughts of time management for the exam disappeared again and self-belief returned. Again I passed the exam.

I genuinely believe that the treatment erased my negative thoughts and helped me achieve self-belief and positivity towards my exams.


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