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For more than 25 years Jennie has been an educator of all ages; her aim is to help and enable people to learn, grow spiritually and emotionally and overcome challenges, freeing and allowing them to develop their own well-being and personal potential. This has been her focal aim and objective. Jennie believes that the attainment of knowledge, physical well-being and good mental health should be treated as a holistic whole.

Jennie has a long standing background in the teaching and development of performing and expressive arts; building confidence, self-assurance and social and communication skills. In 2012 she became a qualified practitioner of several highly effective and successful complementary therapies: Havening, TFT (Thought Field Therapy), Hypnotherapy, Integral Eye Movement Technique and Master Practitioner in NLP. Through the use of therapy and language Jennie has been astounded at the dramatic success, ease and ability that they have to help people establish a physical and mental state of calm, peace and well-being.

Due to the diverse nature of Jennie’s background she is able to offer a range of services.

Complementary Health Therapist

Offering a full range of therapy treatments and ‘Come And Help Your ‘Self’ – a course on how to promote your own well-being through the introduction of several complementary therapies and Eastern practices

Teacher of LAMDA, Speech and Drama

(London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts) QCA Accredited drama examinations covering a variety of disciplines: Acting, Verse and Prose, Reading for Performance, Public Speaking, Devising Drama

Theatrical work in schools and organisations

Overseeing, directing or producing musicals, plays and showcase events and concerts etc

Exam Therapy and Counselling

For individuals or groups. Helping people to mentally prepare and achieve their potential.

I have bitten my nails for 15 years, a habit which I had tried to stop several times without long-term success. Jennifer Thornton’s therapy changed the way I looked at my habit. The therapy identified my worrying about things outside of my immediate control as the root cause of the problem. The therapy enabled me to largely let go of this tendency through a number of effective techniques. I was also taught other techniques to resist the urge to bite my nails. The results for my personal health, psychological well-being and my nails were instant and remarkable. I would recommend this treatment to anyone with such problems!


After my session of T.F.T with Jennie I left feeling very relaxed and calm with positive feelings about my anxieties. I have continued to feel this way and do not have any more concerns. I would highly recommend anyone to have a treatment with Jennie which will be personal for yourself and benefit your well-being.


Six months ago I received Thought Field Therapy treatment from Jennie for my thumb sucking habit. Since I was born I had sucked my thumb everyday and I really needed to stop it before it was too late, as it was affecting the shape of my jaw and my teeth. I tried lots of other methods but nothing worked.

When I went to see Jennie I was nervous at first but soon found out that it was a very calm and relaxing treatment and really easy to do. All in all it took about an hour and by the end I felt I could overcome my addiction. When I went to bed that evening I didn’t feel the need to suck my thumb. Thanks to Jennie I haven’t felt the urge to ever suck my thumb again.

Alexander, aged 12

I had a shoulder issue for over five years, where I couldn’t raise my arm up without a lot of pain. I had seen many doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, who were all a little baffled by this shoulder problem. I had been recommended this treatment and it’s now changed my life, I am lifting, stretching and pushing up my arm again now, I am so grateful for everything Jennie has done for me. Thank you for giving me my normal life back.

Laura Edgerton

Jennie Thornton is a really great Thought Field Therapist.

I have always had a fear of public speaking, yet I often get asked to do talks and had always managed to avoid it, until recently where I had to talk, so I looked for help.

Jennie did some work with me.  I admit I had decided to do a combination of things at the time to help me overcome this, but Jennie was the first one I saw.  Her work helped me enormously, I came away feeling it was possible for me to do this, I had never felt that before.  Also, she managed to really `move` some of the fear away from me, I felt a separation from it, which was wonderful and I left with a sense of peace and optimism.

I have now done three public talks!

Thank you Jennie, you were brilliant!

Kaitlyn G. Lyndon

I have had just the one session from Jennie Thornton treating me for stress, anxiety and panic attacks. I was very much at ease throughout the whole experience and the way she speaks and administers the therapy comes across in a very reassuring and comforting manner.

Since that time and with the aid of exercises that I do in my own time I have found I have not had an episode of anxiety since and I have found I am living my day to day life without the constant fear of an attack looming in my mind. Thank you Jennie.


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